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Never forgotten, never unveiled
                There’s an amazing fact surrounding her: she will never be absolved. She will never die. She will never be exposed to poisoned lies – for She is Death, and every and each soul must kneel down before her, for she has the power of no other being in this place, on this planet, or Universe.
               She has it all on her hands. She has you and your mere soul on a wrecked body.            
               She’s got it all. So place yourself on your knees, look at her and complain about all your sins and mistakes. She won’t be forgotten. She won’t be revealed.
               But first of all:
               She’s not Jesus, and she won’t forgive
                a s
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Madness :icongsayour:gsayour 3 0
Landing's tale
There's the sun and there's a horizon far away from me.
He lands on there, and I land on my pillow
wishing to be
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I feel invisible, untouchable. I feel like nothing could do any harm on me but myself. Have you ever felt this way? Have you ever felt like you weren’t here, only your body, staring at nothing at all, like something caught your attention, but there’s only a white wall in front of you?
I feel like a blank canvas, impermeable. Wrapped around a rough translucent paper, and no one could take it off of me.
I feel like nothing. Have you ever felt like that? I don’t know what nothing is for real, but I also don’t know how I can feel it so strongly like I could explain it for hours. But I can’t because I don’t know what it is. There are so many words inside my head, messing my mind around that I don’t feel able to put it off and let it clear to understand, even for myself.
:icongsayour:gsayour 9 5
Overflowing emptiness
“She thought it might be good to drown in such a beautiful blue sea, with waves swallowing her whole as a deadly pale fish.”
It was a pretty beautiful day, the sky was clear, the weather was good, and the wooden sea-shore house of her looked like a tiny point in a desert from someone’s view, far away.
The pier was number 17. Just like the times she has passed living throughout life. She walked all the way to the pier, without any slippers on. Her feet were burning, and her head was up above the clouds. She couldn’t feel a thing. She couldn’t think about a single event in that moment, if I could describe it on my own way, she didn’t exist that moment. She wasn’t there. Her body was, but she wasn’t. She was far away from anywhere you may think, and no one could reach her out because she moved from a place to another in a second inside her mind, and it was quite impossible to know what was happening or where she could be in a certain
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Sometimes when I'm on my bed, listening to the thunderstorms outside, I open the window just a little enough for me to see the raindrops falling over the trees and the lightnings touching something really far away, and lighting up the sky with their power. So strong, so yet ephemeral.
But when I'm still on my bed just listening to the rain, I wonder what would be like if some of those strong and loud noises outside hit my roof, leaving the ceiling to fall over my head and body. I wonder what would it be like. I wonder because it's like I could see all the scenario in my mind and feel the ceiling falling. And it happens right before my eyes, like I could touch myself in despair and only watch, as I get hurt and the rain start watering all my bedroom, all my notebooks, all my secrets, and then, start to wash them away like they were just tiny little fishes in a river.
The river is my mind.
The strong and loud noises are the voices.
The ceiling is myself, breaking upon my selves in order
:icongsayour:gsayour 4 0
Where are you then?
You're made of stars and expect me to call you, expect me to fill you, expect me to touch you, but you're so far away. You're out of reach. You make yourself out of reach, you're not supposed to do so, you're not supposed to make me feel this far.
Where are you now?
I'm made of shattered tiny pieces glass, master-piece of feelings once broken by people that once left me drifting away, and here I am, touching the sea and the reflection of the moon, like I could touch you, like I could feel you, like I could be closer to you, in a simple touch; but the waves of sorrow have thrown you away from me, like the lifetime I've got to find you.
So where am I?
I'm close to you but a lifetime far away from everything
& myself.
:icongsayour:gsayour 7 2
Another sad song to sing
There's art in the act of a pistol
Right in the middle of your skull
And your finger pulling the trigger
Like no one else in the world could do
for you.
There's art in the edging of a knife
Like an abyss in-between your veins
Spitting the dirt as water
And collapsing in your own
latest breath
There's art in pain
Paying with your life
And your cold blood
There's art in pain
No stitches or bandages or hesitation
And you'll fill your empty black heart
With all the songs inside your mind
Playing in shuffle while you think of forgetting your life
In a jump, leaving the train station
:icongsayour:gsayour 8 2
    There's no me in the reflections. All I see are traces of misguided words looking for a shelter; they're all lost, like me.
    But there's no "me". There are only words. I'm full of words and full of nothing at the same time. Is it even possible? This happening blows up my mind every single second of every single day.
    I must put an end on it already.
:icongsayour:gsayour 3 0
It's so frustrating how I seem to be able to just talk about myself every time I try to write about something else. I always end up saying about how I feel this life must have an early end for me. How I clearly don't expect anything in my life more than I know I do have by now. How there are so few people in this life that I can relate to, and how they all are so miserable... And then I realize how miserable I am too.
:icongsayour:gsayour 2 0
The critical state of hollowness
       I enjoy sitting in the corner of the room with the lights off & reminding that things once were a heavier burden for me to carry within. Yet it just doesn't mean that they aren't still as heavy as they once have been. I keep this burden here inside so I'm not injuring anyone else but me, so I'm not being unfair with anyone else, so I'm getting what I deserve & then letting go of it like I let go of people only in appearance; because their ashes are still here inside & they burn me up like I was a home set on fire. I'm a destroyed home, though I'm not a home for my old self any longer, and I keep thinking that maybe this is the right thing, that maybe this is the best, so I won't be hurt anymore, so I'll just inhale & exhale this carbon monoxide without harming anyone's feelings, so I'll just be me; & being me is hurtful.
       I keep myself from things that may harm the within me irreversibly, because the out
:icongsayour:gsayour 10 8
The beauty & gloom I find in decay & destroyed places
cannot ever be found in
someone else's eyes
:icongsayour:gsayour 21 4
Empty :icongsayour:gsayour 1 2
Letter to Self
        Please, listen to me for once: there's no other soul in you beyond mine. You are me & we are one. I'm stuck in you as much as a flower is stuck in your head for hours before it starts to wither away & allow your eyes to be teary & gloomy forever.
        No one can save you, but you've never longed to be saved, have you? Oh, I know it pretty well. I know your wishes haven't come true as easily as the ones you always think about for other people, but theirs haven't as well & you shall comprehend it for your own good. Things never come easily & if they do, they go away easier than they have come & then you are, one more time, teary-eyed forever. The longing inside your head has always been so strong & so unsafe & so harmful for you & everyone, that even if one comes carefully & touches your arms, your eyes seem to set them in fire & burn them alive, all in a merely second of a plain sight.  
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Dysphoria :icongsayour:gsayour 22 6
Parallel universe
It gets harder everyday & every night. It just doesn't seem I'll ever be in control of my own selves over again; it's like they live in each parallel universe of their own & I have absolutely anything to do with that, those little worlds, those little twisted & sick minds inside myself which I'll never be able to reach out & call them mine.
It's like a prison of my own, like a cage inside a cage, a house inside a house. I feel like a bird, a caged one. Caged by myself, and the worst is that I'll never set me free.
:icongsayour:gsayour 6 3


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
I'm a million different things & not one you know.

Current Residence: Brazil
Favourite genre of music: Dark Ambient/Dark Electro/EBM/Industrial, Folk/Viking/Black Metal.
Favourite style of art: Photography, traditional and digital art.
6-word letter #26:

"Beyond quintessence, lies the unsettled souls."
  • Listening to: Eddie Vedder - Society
  • Reading: Old writings of mine
  • Playing: World of Warcraft


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